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“Pass the macaroni…and don’t forget to say please,” says one savvy mom who has just booked a Royal Manners session with Gracious Me Academy. “I want to have someone other than myself reinforcing manners with my child, That’s why I am inviting Anna Minter, A.K.A. Miss Annie, to host a manners workshop at my daughter’s school. The Gracious Me Academy professionals will teach an informative and interactive class, and even clean up,” she says.

A survey conducted in 2014 suggests 75% of parents and grandparents believe children are less polite today than when they were growing up. Actually, parents have been saying this for generations, says Anna Minter owner and founder of Gracious Me Academy. “Children today may have drive through manners,” she says, “But they are much more advanced and perceptive in other ways. Today’s parents are very busy and teaching manners around the dining room table has taken a back seat to developing a child’s special interests. Dinner is a take-out, eaten in the back of the van on the way to soccer, gymnastics or some other activity.”

Knowing how to behave and what to expect in social situations lessens anxiety for children. We know that 85% of our children’s future financial success is dependant on their soft skills. We do our children a disservice if we send them out into the world lacking in social skills and exhibiting un-conventional behavior says Minter.

Precious Princess 101

Featured Book:

Miss Annie Presents: Josh Gets a Wash "What's all the fuss?"
The latest in the series of books by Anna Minter that are delightful stories, focusing on manners helping build a child's "toolbox" of important life skills.  Click here for more about Miss Annie Presents Books!

Our Mission

Gracious Me Academy now offers traveling manners workshops for parties, school, home or other organizations (i.e. Girl Scouts, Heritage Girls, History Clubs etc.) including: “Princess School”, or “La Tea Da Girls” or a program for boys and girls, Chivalrous Knights and Graceful Ladies. “We do what the parent has little time to do, create an ambiance where the process of learning manners is modelled and expected,” says Minter. It’s more than knowing which fork to use she says, the basis of good manners is respect and consideration for others. We teach appropriate behavior in a fun and positive environment. With the same clever intent of a parent concealing broccoli in their child’s macaroni and cheese, we set out to guide the young “Lords and Ladies” toward chivalrous and graceful behaviour in a fun setting. Kids take home worksheets so their parents can reinforce the behavior at home. Kids love it and parents thank us.

Here’s some advice from Anna Minter of Gracious Me Academy:
  1. Lead by example. Children learn manners very young by watching their parents.
  2. Begin early, be consistent and be patient and generous with your praise of good behavior.
  3. Show correct behavior rather than always correcting inappropriate behavior.
  4. Explain to your child the benefits of positive behavior and good manners.
  5. Use the magic words “Please” “Thank you” “You’re Welcome” – consistently.
This information was provided by Anna Minter, who encourages children (4 to 11 year olds) to be courteous, confident and considerate through fun, interactive and educational activities including dress up tea parties, puppet shows, and Lords and Ladies workshops. For upcoming courses and information on booking a manners session, or to order children’s books authored by, “Miss Annie” please contact Anna Minter call 541-660-5962.

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